The rate of attrition of a credit surrender

19 Mar

What is the wear rate? There are seven banks specializing in the redemption of credit and sharing this market in which the demand is high. It is common for an applicant to obtain an agreement from a bank while all others have refused the request. The more qualitative a request … Read More »

Why invest in real estate in Nice?

23 Feb

Nice, Cannes and Antibes are the main tourist destinations when they head for the Côte d’Azur. These seaside sites are known for their unique landscapes, their postcard scenery or for their gastronomy. If visitors find a haven of peace in these cities, real estate investors see it as a quick … Read More »

Buying a mortgage, buying a mortgage

30 Nov

Minister of Justice General Inspectorate of Judicial Services to examine the adaptation of the mortgage regime for the dual purpose of: – to promote home ownership transactions, – broaden the range of mortgage products offered to the French, in particular by creating the conditions for the emergence of mortgage loans. … Read More »